Thanks for visiting Blue Crab Martini! Im Christin, a native of the Eastern Shore of Maryland currently living in the Annapolis area. I love everything about the Chesapeake Bay lifestyle. Crabbing, fishing, boating, paddle boarding, and getting a little sand in my toes are some of my favorite pastimes. Im also an adventure seeker and expert marshmallow roaster, which comes in handy when raising two little boys! I have an MA in Communication from Johns Hopkins University (2015) and a BS in Business from The University of Baltimore (2005).






Here on Blue Crab Martini, you will find recipes that are designed to please foodies and families alike, with the occasional cocktail thrown in the mix. My hope is to inspire you to try something new and be adventurous in the kitchen!

Many of my recipes are gluten free, Paleo, or Whole 30 compliant but I dont adhere to any particular diet. I believe healthy eating is more about knowing where your food came from than following someone elses rules. Trendy diets will come and go, but committing to a healthy lifestyle will sustain you for the long haul.





I believe theres a story behind everything we eat, and this is my place to share those stories. Whether its the fish we caught one afternoon out on the Bay, the tomatoes grown in our own garden, or the special recipe handed down for generations, theres always more to a meal than whats on your plate.

Im not a professional chef, nor am I nutrition expert. However, I am a real food enthusiast with a love for home grown ingredients. I believe that eating well means living well.

For me, this means living off of the land as much as possible. I use organic, local, seasonal, and homegrown ingredients in many of my recipes. Living in the Chesapeake Bay region provides for an abundance of seafood, an ideal climate for gardening, and ample hunting opportunities.