Blue Crab Chili


Blue crabs, beer, and Old Bay- the official flavors of the Chesapeake!

In the summertime we love to get up early and spend the morning catching crabs out on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Sometimes Shaun and I go on our little runabout and set a line of snap traps in the South River, dipping crabs off the marina pilings in between runs. Other times, we are lucky enough tag along with my parents on their work boat and run a trotline near Kent Narrows. Either way, its an adventure full of salty breezes, sunshine, and the thrill of seeing who can net the biggest crab.

No matter how the crabs are caught in the morning, the afternoon that follows is always a great one. The crabs are steamed with beer and tons of Old Bay, a process that has been perfected by Marylanders for generations. When the crabs are ready, we all spend a lazy afternoon soaking up the sunshine, tossing back a few colds one, and most importantly- enjoying each others company. Those days are the highlight of the summer for us, a summer that cannot get here soon enough!