Creamy Sage Polenta Topped with Mushrooms Turkey Meatballs, Drizzled with Sage-Infused Olive Oil


Happy St. Patricks Day from a snow-covered Maryland! Yes, thats right, we just got 8 of fresh snow last night- in the middle of March. March?! Spring officially starts in just three days. Our snowy days should be long behind us by now, but Mother Nature seems to have other plans. Shes a fickle one. Perhaps this never-ending, frostbite-inducing, ice-covered winter means that summer (my favorite season) will be equally long and intense. One can hope, right?

Usually on St. Patricks Day I search for four leaf clovers with our kids in the grass. This year however, the only green we saw was the green truck that plowed our street.

We didnt let the arctic weather hold us back from having fun, though. I spent the whole afternoon playing in the snow and building a snowman with our five year old. We continued our winter-long snow-lympics, a series of snow related games we devised months ago. (If snow drift jumping and snowball kicking arent included in the next Winter Olympics, well, youre all missing out!)