Fresh Tomato Soup in the Crock Pot (and why I should have been building a boat instead of cooking)

Fresh tomatoes straight from the garden, garlic, and savory spices all combine to create one amazingly delicious (and healthy) soup. Perfectly creamy with a hint of heat, this is a soup that will keep you coming back for seconds! The best part? It cooks in the crock pot and requires very little effort to prepare!

Last Tuesday it rained, and I made tomato soup. 

You may be wondering why these two events are related, and why they are worth mentioning. A rainy day and some homemade soup, yawn, doesnt sound too exciting, does it? Well, read on my friends because this was no ordinary day and this was certainly no ordinary soup!

Normally, a rainy day in mid August would be a real downer. However, we needed the rain so badly that this gloomy day was actually a welcome surprise. It wasnt long before little rain drops began to spit and spatter on the dry ground. Theres something about a good rainy day that makes me reach for my crock pot, and this day was no exception. I had just picked a bunch of ripe tomatoes from the garden the day before, so I tossed them in the crock pot with some garlic and savory spices. All afternoon I watched the rain come down while the smell of delicious tomato soup filled my house, teasing me with the promise of an amazing dinner.

Fresh Tomato Soup that cooks in a Crockpot! Load the crockpot with fresh ingredients and let it work it's magic! A soup the whole family will love. Gluten Free and Vegan! Recipe found at

After lunchtime, the light drizzle turned into a steady rain, and then progressed to a downpour. By the time 4:00 rolled around and I had to make the hour long drive to pick our son up from Pre-K, the rain had turned into an all out monsoon. Water was no longer coming down in drops, it was falling from the sky in sheets! The air was saturated with water, seemingly coming from every direction. I stepped outside, braced myself, and made the 10 foot dash from the porch to my car. By the time I was seated in the drivers seat, I was soaked from head to toe. Going back inside to change my clothes would be pointless, so I put the key in the ignition, turned my windshield wipers to their highest setting, and slowly pulled out of the driveway.

I didnt get very far. What was once my quiet little street was now a lagoon with water up to the running boards on my SUV. Looking further up ahead I could see that even more water was pouring across the road and I knew there was no way I would make it all the way to our sons school! I called Shaun and we agreed that it would be best for him to go instead of me (he has a big truck that can handle the rain better than my SUV). After a quick car seat switch-a-roo, he was on his way and I was able to put my anxieties to rest.