Go Gluten Free for Less with Walmart

Thank you to Sverve and Walmart for sponsoring todays post.  All opinions and recipes are my own.

When my family switched to a (mostly) gluten free lifestyle about 18 months ago, there werent many options for us in the grocery store. The gluten free section consisted of a sad little corner in the back of the store. Most of the items were hidden on the bottom shelf, and a few other items scattered here and there throughout the store. Not only was it difficult to find gluten free items, but they were costing us a fortune!

Thats why Im so excited that many big-name retailers, including Walmart, are expanding their gluten free product lines! Now we are able to buy a variety of gluten free items without breaking the bank.

This past weekend, Walmart stores all over the country held a gluten free event where shoppers could sample some of the delicious new products, including these:


Did you know that Walmart now sells a variety of gluten free items? Eat healthy and save money! #Walmart #glutenfree  BlueCrabMartini.com

Our family stopped by to check out the event and stock up on a few gluten free essentials. Cant have too many cookies in the pantry, right?!  Speaking of cookies, heres a coupon for gluten free cookies from Glutino.


Gluten free Glutino cookies are now at Walmart! Eat healthy and spend less! #Walmart #GlutenFree #Glutino #cookies | BlueCrabMartini.com


Our family eats gluten free by choice, not because of a medical condition. However, there are many people that have been diagnosed with conditions such as Celiac Disease that require them to maintain a gluten free lifestyle. According to Harvard Medical School, as many as 2 million Americans have Celiac Disease, although many of them go diagnosed. Until now, these people were limited as to where they could shop and what they could buy. Walmart saw the need for better access to a variety of healthy, affordable, gluten free products, and they have certainly succeeded in their mission!


Go gluten free for less at Walmart #glutenfree #walmart  BlueCrabMartini.com


How about you? Have you and your family switched to a gluten free lifestyle? I hope you stop by and check out the new line of gluten free items at Walmart! You can also learn more about Walmarts Gluten Free For Less initiative by visiting this site.

Here are some of my favorite gluten free recipes,

and be sure to share yours on social media with #gfwalmart!

Gluten Free Cinnamon Apple Overnight French Toast! Prepare it at night and in the morning pop it in the oven for a delicious healthy breakfast! | BlueCrabMartini.com


Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes #glutenfree #cupcakes | BlueCrabMartini.com



Gluten Free Apple Pie Pops #glutenfree #pie | BlueCrabMartini.com