Moments: February 2015

February was cold one. No, scratch that, it was bone shattering, frigid as ice, record breaking COLD! In fact on February 20th we hit a new 7am low temp of 1 degree. O-N-E degree! Id like to add two zeros to that please!

We had snow all month long and even the Chesapeake Bay froze over. Ive only seen that a handful of times in my life, and although its a beautiful site to see, I would much rather it be filled with sailboats and sunshine. Luckily February is the shortest month of the year which means its over quickly and spring is here sooner. 

Im so done with winter, as Im sure you all are too! Although the cold weather kept us cooped up for much of the month of February we did manage to have a little fun and we definitely ate some delicious food! Today Im sharing some of those highlights with you in the February edition of Moments. 

Curious about Moments? In case you’re a new reader, here’s the scoop- this monthly series will give an up close look at what life on the Chesapeake Bay is all about. Through photos of our adventures, family, and scenes from the Bay area, I hope to give you a taste of what inspires me… and my food. 

Here were the most memorable moments of February. Of course, you can keep up with all of our adventures by following me on Instagram!