Roasted Chesapeake Cornish Hen

Weeknights can get pretty hectic around here and by the time dinner rolls around; we are often just plain exhausted. Sometimes it‘s tempting to pick up the phone and order carry out, but who (besides our 5 year old) wants to eat pizza Having a few easy recipes to fall back on helps us get through those nights when all we really want to do is put on fuzzy slippers and watch re-runs of Shameless.

Cornish hens are the perfect choice for weeknight meals. They are big enough to feed a family, but small enough to cook in an hour. When paired with a simple salad, you’ve got a delicious homemade meal on the table in no time. This Cornish hen recipe features Old Bay, a spice that is basically a way of life here in Maryland. There is something magical about Old Bay. One taste, one smell, and you’re instantly transported to the lazy hazy days of summer. (Ahhhh, summer… anyone else ready to trade in their snow boots for flip flops?) Warmer days are on the horizon, but until then, this meal will keep you nourished and offers a glimpse of the sunny months ahead.