June 6, 2023

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Sippin’ on Sunshine- Meyer Lemon Margarita

Sippin’ on Sunshine- Meyer Lemon Margarita

November and I have a love hate relationship. We’re never going to be BFF’s, not even close. November is like that pesky neighborhood kid you’re forced to play with when you were growing up. Yeah, there were a few fun moments along the way, but for the most part the whole experience made you want to go back inside and hide.

I’m sorry to say that despite my hopes for a remarkably different experience, this November is once again proving to be that pesky, pain-in-the-neck, bratty little rascal that you just can’t escape. No matter how hard I try to befriend November, it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

Almost overnight, there’s a sharp chill to the air, the trees have lost their leaves, and the days are suddenly shorter. All things that make me long for the warm summer sunshine! I could learn to embrace this changing of the seasons if I didn’t know that there was a long, cold winter to follow. I think it’s the (dreadful) anticipation of winter that gives me a little pang of loss every time I see a new leaf fall to the ground. Maybe that’s why I like evergreens so much- they never lose their leaves!

Sippin’ on Sunshine- Meyer Lemon Margarita

Jeesh, I sound like a real Debby Downer, don’t I?! Sorry, but I’m just keepin’ it real! Although this November has gotten off to a rather dreary start, there was one fabulously and noteworthy moment that happened in our kitchen over the weekend. Late Saturday afternoon, after a long day of cloudy, rainy, and blustery weather, Shaun and I decided to mix up a batch of margaritas. I suggested adding Meyer lemon to the mix, and BAM! The result was an insanely delicious margarita packed with the bright flavor of Meyer lemons.

Sippin’ on Sunshine- Meyer Lemon Margarita

I needed some sunshine after the dreary day we’d had, and this Meyer Lemon Margarita certainly delivered! Of course, doesn’t a little tequila always make things better? (Is that even a question- I think the answer is obvious!) This margarita was like sippin’ on sunshine and summertime- two things I love. We rimmed the glasses with my homemade Meyer Lemon Sea Salt for an extra kick of lemony-goodness.

Sippin’ on Sunshine- Meyer Lemon Margarita

Just as I stepped outside to try and snap a few pictures of my drink (so I could share it with you all), something amazing happened. The SUN came out! I could hardly believe my eyes. It had been the coldest, rainiest, and darkest day we’ve had all fall and then out of nowhere, the sun came shining through the clouds. I needed that moment.

Thank you Mr. Sun (or is it Mrs. Sun?) for showing me that November may have some happy moments after all. Yes the days are shorter and the air is cooler, but if the sun can persevere through it, so can I. I still don’t think we’ll be BFF’s any time soon, but maybe we can give it another chance. Dear November, can we be friends?

Meyer Lemon Margarita


3oz Tequila (we use Patron Anejo)
2oz Orange Liqueur (we use Patron Citronge)
3 splashes of orange bitters
2 Tbs simple syrup
Juice of 1 Meyer lemon
1oz Grand Marnier
1 slice of Meyer lemon, for garnish
Meyer Lemon Sea Salt, to rim the glass

In a shaker filled with ice, combine the tequila, orange liqueur, orange bitters, simple syrup, and Meyer lemon juice.
Shake to combine, then pour liquid into a margarita glass rimmed with Meyer Lemon Sea Salt.
Float the 1oz of Grand Marnier on top, and garnish with a slice of Meyer lemon.