The Sledgehammer- A Rum Cocktail

The weekend began and ended with a sledgehammer in my hand- first, one of the tool variety, and then the much preferred cocktail version.

We have lived in our house for nearly a decade and in that time we have painted every room at least 3 or 4 times, added a 2 story addition, and renovated every room from top to bottom. Every room, except for the master bathroom that is! Its the one and only room in our house that is still exactly as the builder left it. Plain, white, and dreadfully boring.




Its a project that weve known we must tackle, but never really wanted to deal with it. Do you have any home improvement projects like that? The ones that you procrastinate on and hope (by some miracle) that they just magically renovate/paint/re-floor/repair themselves???




Well, much to my chagrin, that bathroom never renovated itself. I gave it 9 1/2 years- plenty of time for a makeover-miracle to take place, but nada, zilch, nothin. So that left us with only one option roll up our sleeves and get the renovation party started!

Armed with a sledgehammer, shovel and dozen other tools I cant even begin to name, we ripped apart the boring old bathroom this weekend. I have to admit that aside from all of the dust, it was pretty darn satisfying to see that ugly tile get chipped up piece by piece. We worked all day Saturday and Sunday to get the demolition done and Im happy to report that despite a few bumps (and bruises) along the way, we now have a an empty room stripped down to the studs.




My construction loving six year old was more excited about demolition day than he was for Christmas (but that would come as no surprise to those that know him). He was such a good helper and has become quite handy with a tools- something I may soon live to regret if he carries out his plans to renovate his room at night! I wouldnt put it past him.

Perhaps I should go hide that sledgehammer.

Once the dust had settled and the last bit of the cheap-o ceramic shower was hauled away, Shaun and I were both ready to kick back and relax. We were sore, tired, and covered in microscopic bits of drywall dust (which is incredibly itchy by the way)!


The Sledgehammer- a smooth and easy cocktail full of rum, spice, and everything nice #rum #cocktail #Kraken | Blue Crab Martini


It was late in the afternoon and we both needed a drink (to ease those sore muscles, of course). I have been saving a special bottle of Kraken spiced rum that a dear friend gave me at Christmas, and I knew today was the day to test it out. A little Kraken, some vanilla rum, spritz of lime, and a splash of seltzer were all I needed to make the perfect post-demolition drink.

The Sledgehammer is an easy drink to sip (and consequentially, a hard one to put down). It packs a real punch, courtesy of the rum blend, but its light enough to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon. I know its February now, but I can imagine sitting out on the patio drinking one of these this summer come on warm weather!

I served our drinks in mason jars, because ya know, thats what us sledgehammer-wielding gals do. (Let me revel in my bad-ass-demo-diva-alter-ego for just a moment longer.)

Our bathroom renovation project is ready for the next phase- planning the redesign (aka, the part where Shaun and Christin spend six weeks debating over the style of tile to buy even though we both know that were moving in a year and it doesnt really matter)!! I will keep you posted on how that goes Maybe the drink inspired by that debacle will be called The Migraine. Cheers!


The Sledgehammer- a smooth and easy cocktail full of rum, spice, and everything nice #rum #cocktail #Kraken | Blue Crab Martini


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The Sledgehammer- A Rum Cocktail
The Sledgehammer is delicious drink full of rum, spice, and everything nice!
Created By:
Recipe type: Cocktail
Serves: 2 drinks

  • 2 oz Kraken black spiced rum
  • 2 oz vanilla flavored rum
  • 1 Lime, juiced (plus more for garnish)
  • Lime flavored seltzer water

  1. Fill two glasses (or small mason jars) halfway with crushed ice.
  2. In a separate glass combine the Kraken rum, vanilla rum, and lime juice. Stir until well combined.
  3. Divide the rum mixture between the two ice filled glasses.
  4. Top off with seltzer water and garnish with a lime slice.