Summer Break


The reality that Ill soon be returning to the real world of the 9-5 grind has been weighing heavy on my mind. Knowing that this is likely my last summer home with my boys is bittersweet. I love spending every day with them, but Im also excited for the next chapter in our lives to unfold. This summer I want to soak up as many memories as I can with my boys- swimming, playing outside, visiting the beach, camping, making smores, catching lightning bugs, the list goes on and on.

The one thing thats not on that list? Spending these precious moments sitting in front of the computer.

I doubt that anyone (outside of the blogging world) realizes that about 10 hours of hard work goes into each and every post that I create. Between recipe testing, cooking, styling, photographing, editing photos, writing the post, writing the recipe, SEO formatting, and social media promotion, its impossible to keep up without giving it my all.

Thats why Im pressing pause for now. I need to take this time to unplug, unwind, and enjoy the summer with my boys. This is not goodbye, not the end, just a little break.

I hope you all understand why Im making this decision and that you join me again at summers end. Although I wont be posting here, I will still be contributing to several other sites throughout the summer.

Have a wonderful summer!