September 17, 2021

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The Ginger Fizzy

The Ginger Fizzy

Sunday afternoons were made for relaxing. Usually around five o’clock, when the sun starts drifting lower onto the horizon, I’m ready to kick of my shoes and sip on somethin’ cold. Our back patio is my little escape from the world and it’s also the perfect place to soak up the afternoon sun- drink in hand, of course!

Sometimes I crack open an ice cold beer or pour a glass of wine, but every once in awhile it’s refreshing to try something new. Fortunately for me, Shaun has a knack for shaking up creative drinks with unexpected ingredients. On one recent Sunday afternoon, he mixed up this amazing drink, which we’ve named The Ginger Fizzy.

The Ginger Fizzy

I could tell from the whiff of fresh lime and mint that it was going to be refreshing and crisp, but I had no idea that it would pack such a punch of flavor! It had bright citrus notes with a hint of mint that was light yet tangy. These flavors mixed with the mouth-tingling bubbles of the ginger ale made for one amazing drink. Of course, having it served to me in a mason jar by my handsome hubby made it even better!

So there I sat out on the patio, feet propped up, watching the sun fade away, and taking in every bit of beauty around me. No, I’m not referring to the beautiful sunset. I mean the beautiful sound of my kids laughing as they ran around the yard, the intoxicating aroma of fresh cut grass, and the warm spring breeze blowing in my face- those are the real moments in life that make me stop and smile.

We hope that you make your next Sunday afternoon a refreshing one- just like The Ginger Fizzy. Whether it’s watching the sun set over the Chesapeake Bay, relaxing in a shady hammock, or spending time with your family, raise your glass and toast to the beauty around you! Cheers!

The Ginger Fizzy


1/4 lime, plus additional for garnish
Fresh mint, about 5-6 leaves, plus additional for garnish
2 sprigs of fresh thyme, plus additional for garnish
2 Tbsp. ginger simple syrup*
2-3 oz. of your favorite gin (depending on your preference- we usually go for the full 3 oz.)
Ginger ale, enough to fill the glass
crushed ice, enough to fill the glass
cubed ice, enough to fill the shaker

*To make the ginger simple syrup: add 1 cup of sugar and one cup of water to a small sauce pan, add one fresh ginger root (roughly chopped), bring everything to a boil for several minutes, pour through strainer. Ginger simple syrup can be stored in an air tight container in the refrigerator for up to one month. It’s great in a variety of drinks- good opportunity to get creative!

1. In a shaker, add the lime, mint, and thyme. Thoroughly muddle.
2. To the shaker, add ginger simple syrup, gin, and cubed ice. Shake vigorously until mixture is very cold.
3. Fill serving glass about 3/4 with crushed ice. Pour drink mixture through a strainer and pour over crushed ice.
4. Add ginger ale to fill the glass, gently stir.
5. Garnish with fresh lime, mint, and thyme.
6. Drink up and enjoy! Best served ice cold in your front porch rocking chair or a hammock in the shade 🙂